Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Review

daiwa saltist spinning reel review

The success of fishing largely depends on having the correct equipment for the task. And it is very easy to make the wrong choice while trying to find the best possible gear from a large number of brands of rods and their accessories, including spinning reels. Many reels are considered to be the best, but only a few meet this requirement like the Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel.


This particular reel on hand can be acknowledged as one of the best spinning reels because it has an optimal relationship between price and performance which is rare. Because most of the time we encounter cheaper reels which have inferior quality or find the very best reels that boast exorbitant prices which are out of most peoples reach.


Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Type and Specs


Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel is available in five different models. And the one we picked from that list is the 5.7:1 Gear which is the first one of the line. From the name of the reel, you get the idea what this spinning reel is built to do. But if you’re still confused then you should know that the model is specially designed to withstand the punishing saltwater. That might give you some impression. However, we will talk in detail about its best attributes which make it the force that it is.


Daiwa Saltist 5.7:1 Specifications:


  • All-metal construction to resist the punishment.
  • Sealed, waterproof drag.
  • Rotor brake keeps bail in convenient position when opened.
  • Dual, full-time anti-reverse.
  • Reliable manual bail trip.
  • Precision machined, an aircraft-grade aluminum spool for maximum casting performance and strength.
  • Grease impregnated graphite and stainless drag.


best Daiwa Spinning Reel

Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel


Daiwa Saltist Features:



A good fishing reel is characterized by the use of high-quality materials to built. The best reels are made with the blend of proper care and perfect substances to ensure the highest quality. Because nothing is more annoying than a fishing reel that shatters at the slightest stress. Daiwa knows that better than anyone and so they kept things simple with the full metal body construction. This has worked for years and so they went with it.


Ball bearings:

The real purpose of increasing the number of ball bearings is to reduce friction and, consequently, increase the durability. The reel offers that with its 6 bearing system. However, there are fishing reels that offer double the bearing for a fraction of the money. But there is a catch as often manufacturers of such reels trick buyers by giving many ball bearings of inferior quality. On the other hand, 3-4 ball bearings of quality may well justify the prices as they offer the stability you expect from a reel. And certainly, you get from this Daiwa reel as the bearings are built from stainless steel to handle the saltwater without any issue.


Manual bail trip:

To make the reel more flexible and durable, Daiwa went with the idea of having manual bail trip. And that is good, as the reel doesn’t feel flimsy as the parts don’t move too much. Like most of their work with this reel, they went with the simplicity which is rewarding as the reel can be used for years without any concern.


Brake system:

Predatory fish are determined to not get dragged. They fight with all their might to live another day. To win this fight against the prey anglers can’t afford to have bumpy brakes. Instead, they require a finely adjustable brake without any jerking. And the saltist 5.7:1 geaar grants such smooth and reliable brake to make the difference.



  • Consist of high-quality materials.
  • Has a good line lay.
  • Requires the minimum amount of maintenance.
  • The reel is robust and resilient.
  • No spiraling backward thanks to the dual full-time anti-reverse feature.
  • Perfect for saltwater fishing.


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  • For fishing, this reel is more than excellent. The simplicity approach on the reel by Daiwa makes it so great. They went with trusted methods with this reel which has worked for them and helped them to create this empire. But the approach is also their biggest drawback. Because today’s time anglers wish for more. They want more tactical components on their reels to have a comfortable fishing experience. And that’s where the STT4000H falls behind the competition. But remember that was the intention of Daiwa to keep things modest. So, if you can’t ignore the fact that it isn’t loaded with gears then this one isn’t for you.




After looking all the details, you will surely feel that the Daiwa Saltist 5.7:! Gear Spinning Reel makes a lot of sense. This particular saltwater spinning reel has to offer everything you want. Might not be the most equipped reel in the market and you will find reels that will certainly have more to give. But the main essence of the Saltist is its simplicity, and the approach works perfectly as we got one of the best spinning reels thanks to it.


Customer’s Review:


daiwa saltist customer rating

Customer’s Rating


daiwa saltist customer's review

Customer’s Review


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