Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel (Review)

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Fishing is one of the finest outdoor activities – but with the wrong equipment will quickly feel like frustration. The most frequently used fishing reels by beginners and professionals include spinning reel depending on the design and the target waters. And today we got one of the best selling spinning reels in the display with the Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel. From the name you can surely deduce that it has been specifically designed for the high loads of spinning.


Why Choose the Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel?


For beginners, I usually recommend choosing the lower price class, until you really know what kind of fishing is best for you. Even occasional fishers who go fishing less than 10 times a year, I recommend choosing from the middle price segment, because in occasional use the material hardly matters and you can fish for many years with the reel. If money does matter to you and so do the quality of the reel then the Pflueger President line reels are an outstanding choice in that respect. And the one we picked is the Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel.


Here are some of the basic specification of the Pflueger President Spinning Reel


  • Instant anti-reverse bearing with a one-way clutch system.
  • Sure-click bail safe system.
  • Reels components are water resistant.
  • Nine stainless steel ball bearings for a stable fishing experience.
  • Soft knob in the aluminum handle for comfort and control.
  • Adjustable drag system.


Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel

Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel

Pflueger 6935B President Spinning Reel Features



Durability is a key factor among anglers. As some reels get easily corrupted the moment they get in touch with the water. Now that’s not a good sign when the entire task of it is around water. Nevertheless, President spinning reel isn’t like those cheap quality reels. Because it is assembled with the best quality materials to endure the harshest situations. For instance, the handle is made of aircraft grade aluminum. And even that ain’t impressive enough for you, then you will be glad to know that the body and rotor are built using graphite. Plus, the entire body uses high-quality stainless steel. So, the intrusion of water ain’t something you need to worry about.



User convenience is as crucial a factor as much as the actual performance of the best spinning reels. Because performance is directly proportional to comfort. If the person using it doesn’t feel comfortable, then it doesn’t matter how good the reel actually is. That’s why the size and weight of reels need to be considered. And it seems the Pflueger had done so with their President spinning reel as it is quite lightweight. Therefore, it is easy to carry and even easier to handle while fishing.



One of the most sensitive parts of fishing reels are the bearings. This material is responsible for line handling. The bearings must be of a durable material, since it is necessary that they really support what is proposed, regardless of the weight that the package promotes. Therefore anglers take both the quantity and quality of the bearings into account before purchase. And the most experienced anglers will be shocked to see the 9 ball bearings offered by the Pflueger. And they are all made of stainless steel. So, it is stable and easy to manage even for newbies.


Anti-reverse bearing:

It has become quite common in today’s time. However, the Presidents anti-reverse bearing is somewhat different compared to its competitors. And the differential is that its one-way clutch bearing comes with a sure-click bail. So, users know when the bails are open and set for casting.



Due to the high fighting power of many preys, strong brakes are also essential. Therefore, you need a reel with a supreme braking force. And President 6935B offers one of the smoothest multi-disc drag systems with stainless steel and oiled felt washer. So, anglers are always one step ahead of their victim.




  • It’s a versatile fishing reel.
  • Modern design.
  • The reel is quite smooth.
  • It is solid and durable.
  • Holds great value for the money paid.




  • The thing is that there is nothing wrong about this reel if you take the price of the reel in your collections. All things work nicely and smoothly. No problem at all. However, some customers weren’t happy as they found it broken when the reel was delivered to them. Besides those one or two rare cases, you got a real winner with this spinning reel.



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Pflueger President 6935B is a reliable spinning reel. Unlike other reels, it doesn’t falsely advertise about its quality or the performance. It is on point in every aspect mentioned by the manufacturers. There are however better reels out there on the market. But very few can boast of such quality at such affordable price. So, if you’re new to fishing or even doing it for your entire life, the President Spinning Reels will be appreciated for being excellent.


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pflueger president customer review

Customer’s Review



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